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Mining ANON
Are you interested in crypto, yet are unsure of some of the more complex processes behind it – like mining? ANON is committed to helping more people get involved in the deeper levels of cryptocurrency: its not all just about trading or holding!

We have a webpage at to help explain a little bit about mining, and what a fledgling miner would need to begin. Here, you can find such information like: what graphics card you may need, and a handy mining scripter to help you start mining ANON from your home computer, for example.

If you have 4GB of RAM, and a decent graphics card, you should see if mining ANON is something you would like to do! All you need is your computer, this software, and internet connection.

Official ANON Mining Pool
There is also now a permanent, official ANON mining pool – – with ultra low fees of 1%. The fees will help with the pool infrastructure costs and maintenance, and any excess will be put to use for improving the service – or fees may even be further reduced in the future if feasible. Please support this pool, especially if other pools control a large percentage of the hash. It is currently in a testing phase, so please help us to iron out any wrinkles to ensure that everything operates smoothly. In order to accumulate the substantial hashing power in the pool required to find blocks, we encourage you to participate in mining ANON – we have tried to make it as simple as possible, let us know your thoughts.

Already a miner?
You may already be a seasoned miner with some good hashpower:
Great! This will help us if you could favour our pool.
You might prefer your own miner or software – just scroll down to find the connection details.

Difficulty bot
Furthermore, at times of low difficulty, it becomes easier for less-powerful mining machines to find blocks. Therefore, to assist our community, ANON will also implement a new bot feature on telegram, which will alert our community to the optimal times to mine ANON.

We have put these resources together to help strengthen our community and our coin. A more stable, higher hashrate (that is less prone to pulse mining) will give us a regular, normal level of difficulty, which in turn ensures reliable blocktimes.

The ANON team will continue to monitor the stability of the network, and will explore further and more technical options to bring certainty to our supporters and miners.

General pool data
Ports: 3333 (Low Diff), 3334 (High Diff), 3335 (Extreme Diff)
Payment: PPLNT
Diff-Adjustment: 60 sec
Blocknotify: 55 sec

The ANON Development and Admin teams are also active in open communication within the ANON socials. We encourage all community members to participate, debate and foster dialogue that will continue to propel the project forward. #WeAreANON

ANON Telegram:
ANON Discord:
ANON Twitter:

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