Masternodes Online Listing

Submitted to Reddit, 3rd April, 2019

Original Post: ANON Masternode Governance Proposal “Masternodes-Online-Listing”

Posted by: u/theBigKingsman


The first superblock was due at blockheight 43,800, though it was not created because an approved proposal had not been formed.

The next superblock is due at 48180.

There are 4380 blocks between each superblock.

4380 x 50 x 5% = 10,950 ANON to be distributed per superblock.

For a proposal to be accepted by the network, it needs the ‘yes’ votes to outnumber the ‘no’ votes by 25% or more of the total number of masternodes.




Proposal to have ANON added to

I propose to utilize the next superblock (10,950 ANON) to cover the costs associated with the addition of ANON to the coin monitoring and statistics website.

As I write this, the cost of listing is 0.25 BTC ($1,235 US). ANON is currently selling at $0.135 US. 10,950 ANON sold at $0.135 is $1,478 US.

Selling ANON to obtain the necessary BTC will be made incrementally, on Safe Trade and also Cryptopia if possible, at the best price possible, though no lower than $0.10 US per ANON. Each movement and sale of superblock funds will be recorded and made available to the community once the funds have been secured and payment made.


Due to the fluid nature of crypto, 3 scenarios are possible.

  • The prices do not fluctuate too dramatically, and the funds are raised as expected
  • Price movements give a surplus of funds.
  • Price movements leave us with a deficit.

In the case of scenario ‘1’ occurring, the listing process continues as planned. For ‘2’, any remaining BTC is converted back to ANON at market price, and surplus ANON is sent to the existing Masternode Fund. For ‘3’, a second proposal is made to cover the shortfall on the next superblock. In the event that this second proposal fails to pass, all funds thus far secured are returned to the existing Masternode Fund.

Any movement of funds will be recorded, and shared with the community.

I also declare that I will recover the proposal cost (100 ANON) – should this proposal be accepted – back to my personal address.


As there have been no proposals for any superblock thus far, ANON is eager to demonstrate the process. Without winning proposals, the superblocks are not created, and opportunities are lost.

In order to showcase the new system, I, “Zealot” – a member of the ANON team, am proposing to utilize the funds to have ANON added to a masternode reporting website.

The benefits, to my reasoning, are:

  1. ANON is added to a central reporting database – giving the project visibility to those searching for masternode projects among other Masternode coins.
  2. Addition to MNO itself gives ANON reason to advertise and communicate the news on socials, demonstrating an active project.
  3. The proposal system is demonstrated, and encourages more proposals.
  4. The superblock ANON is not ‘wasted’ by not being created and utilized.
  5. The fee for listing is a ‘one-off’, and long-term visibility here may prove beneficial. It’s, in essence, on-going advertising.


As a member of the ANON team, I have far more to lose than gain by making any actions that would be considered unnecessary, unprofessional, or dishonest. I commit to performing exactly the steps as I have set out above, inform the community of progress, and show evidence of my actions. As stated earlier, potential excess funds will be returned to the Masternode Fund, as will the entirety of ANON (minus proposal fee) should listing not come to fruition for any reason.
To further verify the origin of this proposal, this reddit account (ie u/theBigKingsman) is listed as a moderator for r/anonymousbitcoin, and tweets from official ANON twitter accounts will confirm the authenticity of the proposal.


The views and opinions expressed in any and all proposals are solely those of the respective author(s) and do not necessarily reflect the position of any other community member, the ANON community as a whole, ANON as an entity, or any ANON representative or team member. Assumptions made in the proposals are not reflective of the position of any entity other than the author(s) – and, since we are critically-thinking human beings, these views are always subject to change, revision, and rethinking at any time. ANON and its team members and representatives take the position of impartiality towards any and all proposals made.

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