Development Team Update

The first 2 quarters have been eventful and exciting for ANON, during which we have enjoyed numerous accomplishments… and plainly, also experienced a few stumbling blocks. Obstacles are never completely avoided in any discipline or environment, and they serve an important function to test the mettle of individuals and groups. ANON has unflinchingly risen to the various challenges presented, and ultimately has either overcome these difficulties, or initiated counter-measures. A constant throughout the duration has been the project’s resiliency and resourcefulness — we persistently continue to build, refine and evolve. With the latest successful update to ANON 2.2.0 now behind us, we prepare to embark on a new leg of our journey.

Recently our contracted development studio, Bushido Lab, had reached out looking to revisit the funding disposition. Although they were pre-funded for development towards the fork, and maintenance and development beyond, the funding had been depleted. Resources had been weaned at the studio accordingly, and had now reached the point where they were no longer able to continue work on ANON without further payments. Although there was an arrangement to provide ongoing support and further development for a year post fork (until September 10th, 2019 — another 4 months away), Bushido Lab is no longer in a position to fulfill the original agreement.

To continue development, the studio had requested significant additional capital to be paid monthly. Alternative arrangements were explored, but ultimately rejected to preserve the integrity of the Masternode Trust. 
The core ANON team has made the decision to NOT provide Bushido with further funding, AND to release them from further obligation.

Both parties have agreed to cooperate and move forward expeditiously so that we may ensure a smooth and prompt transition to a NEW development team. Importantly, this will be an amicable parting of ways, and the ANON team wishes to thank Bushido Labs for their services.

With this transition comes an exciting opportunity to pivot to new development foci, skill sets, and strengths. ANON has already negotiated and instituted a new dev lead and team, and we are very excited to now be able to share the news with our community.

ZK-Snarks stalwart Skellers will be joining the core team as Lead Developer at ANON. A long time caretaker of ZCL, Skellers has been instrumental in maintaining and updating the ZClassic codebase and infrastructure (including Sapling, ANON’s next development goal). He is adept at building out wallets, API’s, and integrated community tools that add value and efficacy to the ecosystem. A progressive stance and tremendous work ethic push him to optimize features and capabilities, often spinning up alternative code and testnets just days after discussion. With proven blockchain experience, a genuine deep-rooted interest in crypto, and an obviously relevant privacy coin focus — Skellers is a natural fit for the ANON project. We look forward to capitalizing on his extensive experience with a large swath of ANON’s base code, as well as his role interfacing between the community, pools and the exchanges.

To further bolster our development resources, a multifaceted team will act under the guidance of our new lead dev as directed to maintain and develop for ANON. Their addition augments our project with a deep reservoir of capabilities including app development. Further details regarding the supporting team and their makeup will be shared in the near future.

ANON will continue to have a relationship with key development contacts at Bushido Lab to leverage their knowledge precedent and provide assistance as necessary.

Collectively, these changes unlock new doors and opportunities for ANON’s development pathing and potential going forward.

Progressive additions, possible adjustments, and — above all — stretch goals are now on the not-so-far-off horizon. We believe that anticipated efficiencies will also allow for enhanced pacing of substantial updates and releases.

The core ANON team will coordinate and manage both the outgoing and incoming developers to facilitate a smooth hand-over process. We at ANON continue to diligently work on all fronts to secure the project’s future, and we are confident and emboldened by the new trajectory afforded by these changes — as we hope you are.

The future is extremely bright, a new dawn is approaching for ANON.

And the next chapter begins…..

The ANON Development and Admin teams are also active in open communication within the ANON socials. We encourage all community members to participate, debate and foster dialogue that will continue to propel the project forward. #WeAreANON

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