Code Upgrade & Supply Audit

The ANON team has completed the implementation of it’s z-coin vulnerability fix and supply audit as outlined in the original communication. Below are important details regarding the update.

The burn and supply audit at block 48,500 was a SUCCESS, and we can confirm that the vulnerability is now closed, and was not used against ANON.

Supply read immediately post burn:

▪️ T-ANON (transparent) : 8,261,391 . 89697479

▪️ Z-ANON (shielded) : 0

We have tested sprout z-transactions (groth16), and normal operations may now resume.

Thank you to our community for your cooperation and efforts to ensure this process was a success!

The ANON Development and Admin teams are also active in open communication within the ANON socials. We encourage all community members to participate, debate and foster dialogue that will continue to propel the project forward. #WeAreANON

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