Block 37,000 Coin Burn

At the end of January 2019, the ANON blockchain hit the long anticipated blockheight of 37,000. This marked the end of the ANON claim period from BTC and ZCL holdings. Since September 10th 2018,

  • 5012100.034231079 BTC,
  • 1733174.679775752 ZCL-T (transparent) and
  • 8633.47816196002 ZCL-Z (shielded)

coins were transmuted into ANON, giving a grand total amount of 6,753,908.19216905 ANON given away to the holders of BTC and ZCL. From the ANON blockheight of 37,000 onwards, no further claims may be made.

Combined with the ANON mined in the nearly five month period since the fork, the total circulating supply of ANON is 7.8 million (at the time of writing). The current supply is live on the ANON block explorer.

Since the remaining ANON was left unclaimed, approximately 24 million were forever ‘burned’ (removed). This leaves ANON’s MAX Supply at 20,228,644. It is important to note, this is an upper potential level, and may not be reached due to further burning of unused superblock rewards.

Circulating Supply: 7.8M
ANON Max Supply: 20.2M ANON

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