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In the spirit of continued transparency, the ANON Core team continues to host regularly cadenced conference calls to stay abreast of development news, address questions and share community feedback. This consistent feedback loop aims to provide an aggregate platform for 2-way communication with the community. Meetings will spotlight current development focus, next tasks in queue, technical updates, Q&A, and community feedback.

As expected, ANON’s transition to a new lead developer at the helm has already made a significant impact on the project. The team was able to quickly gel and acclimate to the new structure and direction. While settling into the neighborhood, Skellers meticulously worked through the infrastructure. The blockchain phenom took inventory of the current project needs, code, and assets to develop the path forward with the following key drivers in focus –

  • Efficacy — optimize and fix existing assets, make resources easier to find and use for the existing community
  • Stability — implement safeguards and features that will shore up user experiences and the blockchain itself
  • Innovation — work to implement the latest tech advancements in crypto that will position ANON for it’s iterative next steps and the future

Thus Far

In the recent weeks post development transition, focus and care was taken to examine the intricacies and nuances of ANON’s code. The ANON Core team offered assistance to Skellers during this time, and continued to work on their own departmental tasks. As such, a number of key changes and upgrades were implemented by Skellers and the team:

  • Checkpoint added for 3rd parties
  • DNS Seeder
  • Assets and API feeds restored
  • Explorer amended to reflect correct supply
  • Server architecture streamlined and optimized
  • Concentric resource portal developed
  • Community Info bots released on Telegram (Height, Exchange, Difficulty)
  • Official mining pool troubleshooting
  • ANON Mining resource page developed
  • CoinMarketCap / CoinGecko data and supply metrics updated
  • GitHub feed added to Discord
  • New wallet iterations created
  • Opportunity Tracker created
  • YouTube tutorial series filmed
  • Development Pathing Vetted

Up Next

🔵 New Wallet — “ANONIO”
Tentative Planned Release: 

ANON’s primary core wallet will get a complete overhaul and modernization as we move to utilize the versatile Electron format. Based on the current release version of ZEC’s Zepio; the ANONIO wallet features robust customization capabilities allowing progressive features to be easily incorporated going forward. The wallet features a sleek modern design, intuitive interface, and will be shielded by default to make easy use of our privacy centric zk-snarks technology.

The initial release will function as a basic wallet and be available on day 1 via install files for Windows, Mac & Linux. Future iterations will add Governance, Masternode Control and additional functional features to be announced. Closed BETA testing of the wallet is currently ongoing, with final release to be scheduled shortly following.

ANONIO Beta Console & Send Tab
ANONIO Beta Dashboard

The wallet features a sleek modern design, intuitive interface, and will be shielded by default to make easy use of our privacy centric zk-snarks technology.

🔵 Major Core Update — “ECHELON”
Tentative Planned Release: July/August

The stability, security and consistency of a blockchain are key components of it’s inherent value. It is with this in mind that ANON’s next major upgrade will focus on augmenting our blockchain in ways that will significantly reinforce these attributes.

  • Difficulty adjusted to LWMA3
  • Algorithm update to 192,7
  • 51% Protection Instituted (Horizen Method)
  • Block Times reduced to 2.5min (tentative)
  • Block Rewards adjusted proportionately
  • Block height reliant intervals adjusted (halving timing, superblocks, etc)

For the mining community this update will provide higher reward frequency, better block find consistency, stabilization of the hash rate and prevention of ASIC mining to retain a GPU focus. The user base will experience faster transactions and confirmations on the network. While Masternode holders and ANON markets can have better assurances and confidence in forward price stability, as risk of both ASICS and 51% attacks are mitigated. This provides a cyclical effect attracting more contributors to the ANON ecosystem.

The release will work in conjunction with the official ANON mining pool and toolkit launch. Our current testnet is running with the 192,7 equihash parameters in place. After core code completion, distribution and coordination efforts with mining pools and exchanges will begin. The predetermined blockheight for activation will be announced as we get closer to release.

This update creates a cyclical effect, attracting more contributors to the ANON ecosystem.

🔵 Major Core Update — “AXIOM”
Tentative Planned Release: TBD

The evolution of ANON will continue with a sprawling upgrade providing new features and priming the project for the path forward. Code Rebase, Removal of Chain Bloat, Full Sapling, and more unique elements are currently on the docket for vetting and likely implementation. More info to come in future updates on “AXIOM” and how it unlocks the potential of ANON.

As development surges ahead, the team will continue it’s multifaceted approach to add value and enrichment to the project. We remain committed to optimizing ANON to become a marquee privacy cryptocurrency .

The next chapter has begun — and it is promising to be an exciting one

If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to us via our social channels.

The ANON team remains active in open communication within the ANON socials. We encourage all community members to participate, debate and foster dialogue that will continue to propel the project forward. #WeAreANON

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