Echelon Update Incoming!

Echelon Update to occur at Blockheight 77880

The Echelon Update for ANON is occurring next week 14th November 2019, at blockheight 77880!

This update will see a change of the PoW algorithm to 192,7, the difficulty algorithm moves to to LWMA, block times are reduced (and associated rewards proportianately adjusted) from 10 minutes to 2.5 minutes, and 51% protection is enabled.

It is a hard fork: meaning that there is a mandatory requirement for everyone to update to the latest stable release on ANON’s masterbranch of github, prior to blockheight 77880.

These updates are designed to enhance the stability, security and consistency of ANON. The reduction of the block time, and the proportionate reduction in block size and rewards to 1/4 of the current time and size will mean that the daily amount of ANON mined will not change.

For the mining community this update will provide higher reward frequency, more block time consistency, stabilization of the hash rate and prevention of ASIC mining to retain a GPU focus.

In general, users will experience faster transactions and confirmations on the network.

Wallet Update:

The ANONIO wallet will also be receiving an upgrade!

Features of ANONIO include:

  • Shielded by Default
  • Sleek Themable Interface
  • Enhanced Readability
  • Full Console
  • Masternode Tab
  • Local Database Storage
  • eBank-like “Accounts”
  • Easy Coinbase Shielding

If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to us via our social channels.

The ANON team remains active in open communication within the ANON socials. We encourage all community members to participate, debate and foster dialogue that will continue to propel the project forward. #WeAreANON

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