ANON is a community-driven privacy cryptocurrency. It was crafted to bring the best of Bitcoin’s code together with its own unique traits, and enhanced privacy and utility characteristics from other blockchain technologies. ANON, a.k.a. Anonymous, was originally announced on CNBC’s “Crypto Trader” program in late April, 2018. 

ANON is a cryptocurrency, a digital asset that uses strong cryptography to verify and secure transactions. Use it anonymously: without scrutiny, censorship or third-party interference.

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Vital Statistics

Hash Algorithm

Equihash 144,5


Proof-of-Work (PoW)

Block Time / Size

10 minutes (average) / 1MB

Block Reward


Block Reward Breakdown

5% first to Superblocks,
then of the remaining block:
55% to the miners
35% to the masternodes
and 10% to development and administrative costs

Next Block Halving

150,740 Blockheight (every 2.5 years approx)

Current Circulating Supply

Maximum Total Supply

20,228,644 ANON

ANON: ready for the future

We believe that ANONIMITY in the digital age is akin to freedom.

Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies hold the promise of financial and political liberty; and ANON seeks to build upon this bedrock in order to help prevent our individual privacy and collective civil rights from being completely eroded. Our online behaviors and actions are continuously monitored and logged by various parties – including advertisers, service providers, banks, governments, unknown 3rd party companies and undetected hackers and other bad actors. It is generally accepted that these groups are often building detailed profiles of everyday citizens and using this information for their own profit or other inappropriate, dishonest or illegal motives – and not for the benefit of the individuals that have been monitored (or even for wider society). Additionally, financial and other social-systems are arranged to funnel wealth to an elite minority of self-serving individuals and groups. The world now more than ever needs a truly ‘anonymous Bitcoin’, a method of transacting peer to peer, privately, and with sovereignty.

  • Anonymity through zk-SNARKs technology
  • Proof-of-Work (PoW) with masternodes
  • Community driven initiatives

The ANON advantage

Anonymous is more than a cryptocurrency that utilizes the zk-SNARKs privacy protocol with masternode capabilities. ANON has brought together blockchain architects, developers and coders, but – in contrast to many other projects – also journalists, marketing executives, communications specialists, and even regulatory attorneys. Having a team with multiple qualifications, competencies, and backgrounds creates the benefit of having a wide knowledge base of intellectual and cultural breadth. This confluence of discipline is a core strength of ANON, positioning it to be successful where hard leaning projects in only either technology or marketing have previously faltered.  In addition to having a multifaceted and diverse team, ANON upholds the values of equality, co-operation and respect. ANON commits to improving the perception of the crypto-space through transparency and community involvement, and to championing privacy and personal sovereignty for all – including those generations yet to come.

For alone we can be seen – but together: We Are Anonymous.

  • Publicly engaged founder
  • Experienced team to navigate the crypto-landscape
  • Active and diverse community